What Your Garage Door Needs

A genie garage door opener is a device which runs by motor it it used to open and close garage doors. Most garage door openers are either operated by a switch on the wall or by a remote control which is carried by the garage owners in their car. At times it can also be controlled by keychain.

There are two types of garage door openers, electric openers and remote control garage door openers. Genie garage door openers have additional features such as motion sensors which allow the lights to turn on when the garage door opens, a lockout feature which allows the radio receiver to turn off while one is out of town for business trip, vacation etc. Another innovation which has recently been put to use is the fingerprint-based keypad which is wireless, this allows the door to open with a fingerprint instead of having to get a identification code created. It is also suitable for families with children who may forget the code.

Genie garage door openers are available in a variety of 3 different kinds of drives which are. belt screw and chain. Chain-drive garage door openers being the oldest kind although they are still very popular. On the downside they can be noisy and are not the best choice if ones garage is located under a bedroom or living room where alot of noise is unwanted. Belt drive garage openers are the same as chain drive openers except they function with a rubber belt and are slightly more expensive. They cause the least noise compared to other garage door openers.

The power requirement of a Genie garage door opener depends on the size of the garage. 1/2 horsepower is sufficient for normal two-car garage door opener, for heavier doors a 3/4 horsepower is a preferred choice. A normal genie garage door size is approximately 7 feet tall. Doors taller than this will need an extension kit.

There are safety characteristics in all genie garage door openers since 1993. it is essential for them to have a safety device which stops and reverses a garage door when a object passes under it. This provides safety for people pets and cars from getting injured or damaged. It should also be tested on a regular basis and also be maintained. In some models a battery backup is also available for when the electrical power is not sufficient or working the backup battery provides power and lets you use the garage door opener, without this feature it is possible for you to get locked out of your own house.

The warranty for genie garage door openers depends on the model. Some have lifetime warranties where as others warranties expire within 10 years. Usually the parts such as belts and chains have warranties for a shorter period of time.

1/2 horsepower genie garage door openers models prices start from about $135 for units with chain-drive, $ 190 for screw drive units and $230 for belt drive units. Adding an additional $20 or $30 for 3/4 horsepower devices for larger garage doors.

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